House area up to 240 m2.

We offer wide range of yearlong wooden houses and bungalows. We also offer their complete finish. Houses are built on the framework with usable area ranging from 50 to 240 sq. m. They are built according to ready designs or respecting needs and proposals of our clients.

We built houses in a few finish versions:

  • Interiors (varnished timber, plaster board, wainscot, ceramics),
  • Facades (pretreated wood - fireproof and fungus-resistant, acrylic plaster, lagging),
  • Roofs (ceramic tile, roofing sheet, corrugated plate).

We offer complete sanitary and electric installation. Additionally, houses can be equipped with window shutters, roller shades, safety windows, lighting arresters, fireplaces and plastic septic tanks. Designs enable making cellars, garages and attics. We have our own transport at disposal.

Moskała domy
Moskała domy