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There are already 400 yearlong houses!

"Moskała" is a brand, which has been developing since 1991. Jacek Moskała - the founder of the company of Brenna is unquestioned expert in construction technology. He has been developing his passion that has been transformed into the family company. The company builds houses in whole Poland, Germany and Austria. It has already carried out 306 works.

Thanks to large and reliable crew (a few dozen of people) the company "Moskała" is able to carry out a few works simultaneously. They are focused especially on transport, shipment and organisation of work so that each of the crews can carry out works on continuous run regardless of the weather conditions.

The company co-operate with a design office, has workshops and machines. They work according to the methods of leading companies producing machines used in joinery and co-operate with leading producers of windows, doors and cabinet work.

The most important value for the company is quality, which is crucial in construction of houses. Having many years of experience the employees focus on acting like advisers to the clients and helping them to define their expectations and avoid expenditures connected with inadequate design.

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Moskała domy
Moskała domy